Extra virgin olive oil is the noblest of vegetable fats for its quality and its beneficial qualities for health. This oily olive juice is the jewel of the Mediterranean diet, considered by experts to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. Extra virgin olive oil is the most natural olive juice. For this, the best quality olives, freshly harvested from the tree, are chosen, to which they are subjected to mechanical pressure procedures to extract the precious 'liquid gold'.

It's the fruit of a careful selection of Picual and Arbequina varieties.

Extra virgin olive oil is the king of olive oils. Its qualities, smell, color, flavor and antioxidant capacity make it the best of the oils for both gastronomic use and health.

The olives should be harvested from the olive groves at the end of autumn or early winter and the moment in which the olives have their maximum level of fatty acids in the pulp of the olive is chosen. The harvesting of the olive is an agricultural task with great importance in the production costs and a marked influence on the quality of the oil obtained. The harvesting season directly influences the composition of the oils and their sensory characteristics.

Of what there is no doubt is that extra virgin olive oil is a food that is worth having in your pantry: it enriches and gives flavor to many recipes, besides providing health benefits.

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained by a mechanical process that includes: crushing, pressing and cold decanting.
The process is totally handmade, with great care bottles are filled one by one and labeled by hand, fulfilling all handling requirements that maintain the purity and original taste of the variety of each olive.
OLI SON MIR, extra virgin olive oil, with Denomination of Origin Oli de Mallorca, which is the fruit of a careful selection of Picual and Arbequina varieties.

The perfect blend because the picual variety gives us stability, while Arbequina gives us freshness.

The result is a balanced oil with tasting notes that remind us of tomato, green almond, apple, freshly cut grass and light citrus notes.